Top 5 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

It’s portable, personal and always available — Social media is everywhere, all of the time. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other popular social media networks make your entire network of personal & professional contacts available 24/7 at with a tap, swipe, and push of a button. There’s no disputing how pervasive social media has become over the last decade — and in real estate, it’s no longer optional.

Whether you’re actively marketing your business by reaching out to prospects on Facebook or LinkedIn, or passively branding yourself with business updates, there’s real value to be had in being active in social media. It keeps you top of mind with clients, colleagues & prospects — and provides solid supporting information on your business & professional reputation for potential clients doing research.

Not only is social media a valuable tool for promoting your business, but that value is magnified by its accessibility. Nearly anyone on the planet can learn more about your business on their smart phones, tablets or PC — which really makes a compelling case for taking advantage of the different channels we have in order to boost our online presence. You’re not looking for just “anyone on the planet”, though — you want to reach potential buyers & sellers, so consider the real estate data below:

REALTOR® Online Market Data:

  • 90 percent of home buyers searched online at some point during their home buying process.
  • In 2018, 44 percent looked for properties online first
  • 58% of Millennials & 46% Generation X found their home on a mobile device (compared to 33% of Younger Boomers)
  • 76% of all buyers found their home on a mobile device
  • 17% of all buyer found an agent with their mobile device
  • Over 72% of all REALTORS® use social media in their profession

As you can see, not only is Social Media worth using — it’s already widely used in real estate, so if you want to avoid missing opportunities you need to keep up with the rest of the industry. The biggest question isn’t if you should be leveraging Social Media, but how do it effectively to increase your visibility with potential customers. Here are the some keys to getting the most from Social Media:

  1. Think ‘Local’: While the occasional general interest and international or national news post can be great to add variety and drive interest to your social Media channels, try to target the majority of your content towards what is happening locally. Is there a great restaurant in the neighborhood? Are there any events within the community that are noteworthy? Share information and give insights that can really give your followers an idea of your knowledge and expertise within your area. When you do create content that is not specifically related to your area, make sure to make some sort of connection between the two, like how this piece can affect your community etc.
  2. Go Beyond Listings: Many Social Media accounts of Real Estate Agents consist mostly or solely of their listings. You will find that these accounts have low to no followers and activity. You want to have a variety of content that will draw interest and establish your knowledge and expertise. You also want to have dynamic content that will keep people interested. When you do post your listings, say something interesting about the neighborhood and highlight the good qualities of the home and the area surrounding it. Is it near any great parks or near any school districts? Let your audience know why they may not want to miss out on a great property. To create buzz around your Social Media channels, pose questions and create polls and have a contest or have a raffle for people who engage in them.
  3. Be Authentic: Let your Social Media reflect your awesome personality. Share things that you are passionate about. Show them why trusting you with their business is the best option. Talk about charities or a volunteer program within the community that is close to your heart, share a few moments or stories about your family or your beloved pet, you can even talk about sports or other hobbies that you are passionate about. These parts that make up who you are can be a great way to tell people what you are really all about; it can give them an idea of what kind of person they are going to get to work with if they decide to enlist your services. Show your audience how to relate to you on a personal level.
  4. Engage Your Audience: One sided conversations are never fun. Make sure that you engage your audience. Answer comments and respond to questions. Acknowledge by liking and responding. When your audience sees that their input is valued and their queries will always be answered, you can start building rapport and eventually this may turn into a partnership. You want people to remember you and engaging them if they reach out is a great way to ensure that.
  5. Strategize and Measure: In order to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Social Media channels, a posting strategy and measuring metrics would be extremely beneficial. While it is true that not everything you do will have a direct and tangible result, it is helpful to have some kind of goal for the content you put forth, whether you use the available analytics on outlets such as Facebook or otherwise. A posting schedule and content timeline can also help keep you organized. How often and what you post based on your strategy is better than posting random pieces at random times. A consistent schedule is also a great way for your audience to know when to check back for new content. Hand in hand, strategizing and measuring will give you an idea if your content is giving you your desired results or if you need to adjust things here and there.

Social Media is a very powerful platform if you know how to make it work for you. While it can seem time consuming, the pay-off can be immense and rewarding. Working closely with someone in your team like a Marketing Virtual Assistant can save you the time without wasting the opportunity. You should always be nurturing your online presence, and the great news is a virtual assistant can do much of this work for you.

For example, let’s say you have 5,000 Facebook friends. How do you know that these are the best 5,000 to have? You can have your virtual professional put them through a process where people you’ve engaged with are coming up more and more on your screen. You’re driving more and more referrals through your community and creating posts. All of a sudden, you are a bit of a local celebrity! But again, you don’t want social media to consume your own time, so you can delegate it to a virtual professional.

MyOutDesk’s Real Estate Virtual Assistants are an integral part of many real estate agent & brokers social media strategies. By working with your virtual assistant to help them develop an iron-clad understanding of your elevator pitch, positioning documents, and value proposition, they’ll be able to can distill that message down for social media, video, photos, infographics, and really all kinds of things that help them to market your product or service and your message.

If you’re ready to take your social media presence to the next level, and need a need someone who can help you boost your online presence and Social Media engagement, visit us online at and schedule a Double My Business Strategy Session. Let’s discuss how we can help you gain leverage and free up your time.

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