Top 7 Ways a Real Estate Wholesaler Can Use A Virtual Assistant

The market is shifting — and that’s a great thing for Real Estate Wholesalers! In today’s market, they stand to find more avenues of business because the odd current of the industry seems to be fertile ground for alternative strategies. What can you do to ensure that you are utilizing the heck out of every opportunity? The answer is virtual assistant services.

Give yourself the leverage to focus on your revenue productive activities in order to scale and grow your business. You do this by delegating everything in your business whose outcomes will not change whether you are involved or not. This way you can focus on making connections and closing transactions.

Here are 7 tasks you can delegate to your Virtual Assistant:

  1. Lead generation and management — Lead generation and management can take a lot of time that you do not have, yet it is so important to ensure that your leads are constantly flowing in and that each one is dealt with properly. Your Virtual Assistant could be in charge of finding ways to generate leads through various channels and ensuring that they are properly tagged and flow into your campaigns accordingly.
  2. Cold calling (investors and sellers) — Prospecting is really something that should be done on a daily basis if you want your pipeline to be consistently flowing. A Virtual Assistant can handle your daily prospecting, just be sure that you know the laws in your state regarding licensing and be sure to adhere to them.
  3. Document preparation — Real Estate business owners, in general, are often bogged down by all the documents that need to be fulfilled and filed in a transaction. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to be responsible for all your documentation could save you loads of time.
  4. Marketing — Email dissemination, website design, video editing, sound editing, list scraping, and cleaning, etc. All of these items can take a huge chunk of your day but they are also extremely necessary to your business. Your Virtual Assistant could take over your Marketing and can give it the time and attention It needs without cutting into your already busy schedule.
  5. Social media marketing — Social Media and online presence is crucial to business these days, especially for Real Estate. Creating content, managing engagement and all the necessary steps to stay on top of your Social Media can be handled by a Virtual Assistant.
  6. Database management — Your database is your greatest asset. You want to ensure that your database is always in tip-top shape and always ready to go whenever you need information from it. Managing a database is a full-time job in of itself so it makes sense to hire someone like a Virtual Assistant to do it.
  7. CRM development and management — Your CRM is the lifeblood of your business. If your CRM is awry then your whole business will be topsy-turvy. You need someone dedicated to ensuring that your CRM is always updated, organized and grows as your business does. A Virtual Assistant can be just the person to do that.

It’s not about how hard you have to hustle but who you need to be a part of your team. Visit us online at and hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to get the leverage you need to survive and thrive in this ever-changing industry. Don’t forget to book your Double My Business Strategy Session!

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