Recruiting 17 Agents in a week with 1 Virtual Assistant

Jessica Fox is a ten-year veteran of the real estate industry leading a top-producing Keller Williams team in Madison, Wisconsin. Her team is growing — which means hiring more agents. With limited time, she turned to her virtual assistant “Queenie”, and came way with stellar results — hiring over 17 agents in one month, with all the administrative work taken care of by her virtual assistant.

“For anyone that ever asks me about a virtual assistant. I just share with them the experience and the results I’m having. This last month I hired 17 agents, I had 59 appointments and I only scheduled 4 of them — the rest of them were taken care of by my virtual assistant. Not only set but confirmed. It was transformational for us, made my life a lot easier and I really love her. She’s fantastic!”

MyOutDesk is proud to call Jessica a client, and we’re especially pleased to serve top-producing real estate teams across the USA. We’ve served 5000+ clients over the span of 11 years, with about 200 verified 5-star reviews, we offer you true value and real results. We’ve saved our clients over $55 million dollars in labor expenses while providing quality talent. You aren’t just hiring a real estate virtual assistant, you‘re adding a valuable member to your team who will not only work hard but will be dedicated to your success.

Jessica Fox was “born into real estate”, being part of a successful real estate development and sales family. After earning her college degree in Business and Communications, Jessica returned back to real estate. In 2004, Jessica took on the role of Team Leader with Keller Williams in Madison, Wisconsin. After 10 successful years leading that office, she and her family relocated to Clearwater, Florida. Jessica has been training, leading and coaching Agents for over 12 years and loves the impact she can have on others as they grow their business.

Jessica’s virtual assistant, Queenie is shared by 3 staff members in her office — so this accomplishment is all the more valuable because it came from only an hour and a half of time that Queenie spends with Jessica every day. Jessica says, “Not only did she help us focus on the appointments that we needed, she confirmed the appointments, she gave the people that were going to meet with us a teaser so that they kept the appointment, then followed up with the database and sent a thank you note to each and everyone of them.”

“I believe that a virtual assistant can help an office provide a more consistent higher level of service from recognition to communication, to the calendar, and just about everything you can imagine.”

According to Jessica, “They can provide consistency in a concierge approach to it because the consistency is a concierge approach to it. You can add services to your agents within the office. Offering things that can be done by the virtual for them and then in terms of their trajectory you can be a role model to the agents in your office that would greatly benefit from that level of leverage and by being a role model to your office by using them, you really can be supportive and you can show them the way and they’ll never leave you when you show them this. It’s awesome!”

Jessica firmly believes that a Virtual Assistant can be instrumental for a business to be able to provide a consistent and higher level of service in everything from recognition, to communication and just about anything you can imagine. Consistency is what elevates your business and allows you to provide excellent services.

Visit us online and learn more about MyOutDesk real estate virtual assistant services today — and schedule a Double My Business Strategy Session to learn how we can serve you!

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